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I'm waiting for the second
Today I received the parcel. Has reached Irkutsk for 2,5 weeks. Thank you for carefully packing my service, nothing broke.
I'm waiting for the second one. Hi Lyudmila.
Alena, Irkutsk, Russia, 25 april 2012, 07:22
Thank you
I want to thank the team of Interfamilyshop for the attention with which they treated my order. The order was complex of 7 stores.
Unfortunately not all things have been bought, but these are my problems. One wish - you do not need to so anxiously pack things that do not require it (it's overweight). And so everything is wonderful.
Julia, Novosibirsk, 24 august 2012, 10:15
The First one!!!
I got my pepper! Everything is in place and thank God. I do not know, 3 weeks is a lot or a little? Thank Lyudmila, tortured her Their own questions. Respect you guys
Julia, Perm, 23 august 2012, 07:45
Thanks for the kind words!
I received the parcel, for which I am very grateful. This is my first experience and if I honestly thought that it would not work,
So the order did small. I'll make the next order in early September. Thanks again, especially Lyudmila.
Alexey, Krasnoyarsk, 27 august 2012, 14:00
All OK
The parcel was received on the 22nd day. All OK. One minus. The parcel is on the mail for a long time. A little annoying, but this stone is not in your garden.
Natalia, Chelyabinsk, 26 august 2012, 08:30
Apple taxis !!!

Today I received a parcel with a machine controlled from iPhon! I rejoice more than my son))). Thank you guys for finding her. I owe you. That's what I like about your work, so it's responsiveness. Today, this is a rarity. ( Thanks again.

Andrey M, Krasnoyarsk, 06 september 2012, 03:34
The parcel came in 10 days !!!
The parcel was received very quickly. First time with you sent. I'll be honest frankly afraid. Everything came in its proper form.
Lyudmila special thanks. Very responsive manager. I will be glad to cooperate further.
Veronika A., Donetsk, Ukraine, 03 september 2012, 16:25
Хочу поблагодарить коллектив Interfamilyshop за внимание, с которым они отнеслись к моему заказу. Заказ был сложный из 7 магазинов.
К сожелению не все вещи удалось купить, но это уже мои проблемы. Одно пожелание – не нужно так трепетно упаковывать вещи, которые этого не требуют (это лишний вес). А так все замечательно.
Юлия, Новосибирск, 08 september 2012, 18:36
I received everything today, thank you very much. Thank you Lyudmila for having so quickly fulfilled my request.
I was looking for original toilet water for my husband's birthday, and Lyudmila, without waiting for an order, bought in an off-line store
This water and 2 more gift and on the same day it was repaired. Somehow directly in the family turned out))). Thank you again!
Anastasia R. Odessa, Ukraine, 08 september 2012, 18:36
I'm waiting for the second
Today I received the parcel. Has reached Irkutsk for 2,5 weeks. Thank you for carefully packing my service, nothing broke.
I'm waiting for the second one. Hi Lyudmila.
Alena, Irkutsk, Russia, 08 september 2012, 12:01
Fast! Quickly! Attentively!

Today my order has come to Krasnoyarsk. Thank you very much, the coat is simply gorgeous !!! The girls worked perfectly, helped to sort out the dimensions, once again checked everything. In general I'm happy. I want to say thank you to Catherine and Victoria for their responsiveness. I will order more.
We still need to dress a husband :-)

Morkovo4ka, Krasnoyarsk, 08 september 2012, 12:01
All received promptly
All received promptly, Quality is good, there is no re-sorting, everything is like in the pharmacy. It's pleasure to work with you! Special thanks to Lyudmila with her help everything turned out easily and simply
Children's knitwear, Lukhovitsy, Russia, 30 september 2012, 16:03
I've received the parcel! Everything's OK!!! Order processing is super! Thanks to all!
Alex, Krasnogorsk, 22 september 2012, 08:00
All OK!!!
Natalie, Tver, Russia, 11 september 2012, 01:38
Package number 1
Yesterday received the first parcel) -a hooray !! It took about three weeks, but for the usual parcel (not EMC) - this is a very good delivery time! Half the night did not sleep, all considered and tried on)) First, many thanks to Lyudmilavam and your team for the excellent work! Always in touch and what struck me the most - when I was not online I got a call to clarify the color of the sweatshirt in my order !! Here it is service)! Secondly, the package is packed perfectly-everything is as normal as the box is! Thirdly, not expensive delivery came out - which is also very pleasant!) I am pleased with the choice of the intermediary and will use their services! Thanks you))

R.S-waiting for the second premise with even greater impatience))
Natalia, Krasnoyarsk, 12 october 2012, 07:06

I received my first package !!! It was only 16 days. All things are liked, everything is neatly packed. Thank you very much, Lyudmila, for your work! You are always in touch, answered in detail all my questions. Of course now I will order more !!! I advise everyone to cooperate with Interfamilyshop !!!

Madlen, 18 october 2012, 10:19
I want to say a big thank you to Lyudmila!
The parcel came in about 2 weeks approximately. I did not work with one mediator before and I want to say that 2 weeks is a good time for sending the shipped DHL + Mist. But the main thing is not speed of delivery! Lyudmila is a very pleasant woman and a good responsible mediator, we always come to a consensus))) what is still important - a quick ransom, good conditions for payment (really like that you can send money to a VISA card and do not overpay the bank Large commissions). Ludmila is always in touch, quickly answers all questions of interest. THANK YOU!
I am very glad to cooperate with you!
Julia, 22 october 2012, 15:46
Cooperate recently
Before Lyudmila there were other mediators, in comparison with her, like heaven and earth. As in paradise, there are many pluses, there are no minuses:
- quick order processing,
- constantly (!) On the phone, quickly responds
- no fees for ordering package - everything is included in the delivery, which is also express. Bring on the house, and then zhuchalas pull 20 kg boxes from the post office) And all this is relatively inexpensive price
- the possibility of redemption in an offline store, very useful, when there is no time to wait for delivery from the store.
In general, I am very satisfied with Lyudmila's work, we will continue to cooperate)
Lena, Yakutsk, Russia, 23 october 2012, 01:42
I received the first parcel, it was 22 days. I like working with Lyudmila. Promptly sends orders, answers all questions, helps to understand the assortment of stores. A very sympathetic person. Good luck to you guys!
Tatyana, 24 october 2012, 04:29
Uraaaaa! I got it all! So it was scary the first time - but raelno LYUDMILA - you just ARE YOUNG !!! And they went to the meeting and prompt answers to questions and any help and selection of sites for the right product! Simply super! I am your forever))))
ogonek85, 01 november 2012, 05:38
The parcel has just received - everything is wonderful, everything is to my liking - both size and quality. Thank you very much.
gurin64, 27 october 2012, 14:18
Ludmila is a very good intermediary, I am very pleased with her, she is operative, responsive, understanding, the best for me, very glad to our acquaintance and cooperation !!!!! Very educated, cultured, never nagging, and not rude, always responds quickly that I have not met other mediators. Luda will never reproach, always understand! You are my mediator forever !!!!!
yo-mila, 12 november 2012, 09:24
I want to express my gratitude to the managers for their conscientious and prompt work. I order things for a long time, everything suits me: quality, price, delivery. This time I decided to order my bags, I will not hide, I was worried, I ordered a "cat in a sack". I was very satisfied with the price of suitcases. Suitcases of this quality in Russia cost from 6,000 rubles and more apiece. Here it turned out 2-3 suitcases + delivery, for the price of one in Russia. The price and quality of the goods is simply "Miracle" !!!! Ludmila, Vitaliy, huge human thanks !!!!
Emma, 28 november 2012, 05:56
Many thanks for the precise execution of the order and the excellent packaging. For candy - a special thank you.
Vadim, Moscow, Russia, 12 december 2012, 17:11
I want to thank you very much to the managers of the company, especially Lyudmila and Vitaly, for the prompt execution of my order. I ordered New Year's gifts to children and relatives. Very worried, I thought I will not have time. Lyudmila helped me in everything, she reacted very attentively to my worries, about the delivery. Everything was done quickly and clearly. The package was not only not late, but it came three weeks before the New Year !!! Everything is perfectly packed, Ludmila helped track my parcel on the site. Once again many thanks to all the staff of interfamilyshop for taking care of the client, efficiency and understanding. All the upcoming holidays !!
Olga, russia, 05 december 2012, 06:00
Thank you
Lyudmila, hello!
Yesterday I received a parcel from you. It's all right, thank you very much!
I liked working with you and just talking.
The package is securely packed, which is relevant for Russian post, came without damage.
If you do not mind, I'll contact you again.
Thanks for the candy, nice)))
I wish you success and prosperity of your business.
All the best and see you soon!
Tatiana, Russia, Novosibirsk, 05 december 2012, 03:43
Thank you!
Many thanks for honest work, even somehow unexpectedly. I received the parcel in two weeks, everything was neatly packed. Thanks again! I will order further.
Alexander, Kazakhstan, 03 december 2012, 05:55
Thank you so much!
Today I received my first package. To be honest it was a bit scary, since I ordered it for the first time. But expectations were worth it. All has come and very much it was pleasant, thanks big Lyudmila.
Olesya, Astrakhan, 26 february 2013, 15:06
We received the 4th parcel, we are waiting for the 5th parcel, we ordered the 6th parcel, thank you very much for Lyudmila, we are working fruitfully.
vasia, 22 february 2013, 15:30
Order by suitcases
It's pleasure to work with you. Has received the party of suitcases! I still tell everyone how beneficial it is to work with you. I realized that the prices for suitcases in our stores are very high. And here three suitcases for the price as we have one in Russia! And the quality is at an altitude! We are just the whole family gathered on vacation and this option is for us! Thanks again! Quality at altitude!
Ekaterina, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, 22 february 2013, 10:25
Lyudmila! Thank you for everything! It's very easy and pleasant to work with you! Good luck to you!!
gurin64, 22 february 2013, 06:40
)) Has received its probably 5 or 6 parcel) already. Ludmila, thank you very much !!)) For me you are an intermediary number 1)) It's easy and comfortable with you !!)
And for Hasbro in the parcel a special thank you !!) A trifle, but so nice !!))
Natalya, 18 february 2013, 14:34
Today we received a parcel number 3 from you. Everything is wonderful. Thank you so much. The journey time is 29 days. It's too long - but it's the same "MAIL" - as in "Ural dumplings".
vasia, 16 february 2013, 13:00
We received 2 parcels from Lyudmila, however, the parcel chatted 4 extra days from Ufa to Belebey, back to Ufa and only then came to Oktyabrsky because of the error of some clerk from the customs who incorrectly wrote the postal code. The journey time is 24 days. Thank you very much Lyudmila.
Vasily, February 15, 2013
vasia, 15 february 2013, 12:04
I want to thank Lyudmila for patience !!!! Thank you very much!!!! It was scary and it is not clear what to do, how to be ???? But Luda answered all the questions, but there were probably a hundred of them))) The parcel was received, everything is fine, it reached 5 days !!!! All veshchichki cool))) THANKS !!!
Diana, 12 february 2013, 08:34
All received
In my opinion we were lucky with the intermediary. Around their darkness and choose very difficult. About Lyudmila can only say good words. Very delicate girl. We see that we are already starting to get bored, but she is very patient and explains everything in detail. This was our first premise with this intermediary, but we very much hope for a long cooperation.
Cypress 2001, Nalchik, 08 february 2013, 16:16
Ludmila thanks for the next package! Everything came as usual in perfect order. I thought that I would not order electronics in Germany, but everything turned out very worthily. Special thanks for your patience). Wait for the next order.
Andrey, Samara, 08 february 2013, 16:08
Goodnight! It's very pleasant to work with Lyudmila! And it will help and answer and somewhere will tolerate me annoying with one glitchy site))) - but always it is nearby !!! We have already received the third tremendous parcel and how the children were exasperated and touched with emotion, because the presents were there for everyone! Thank you very much and very much - do not be offended by me for sometimes importuning - I'm always very worried about everything! I'm with you forever !!! THANK YOU!
ogonek85, 02 february 2013, 15:46
I recommend InterFamilyShop as a decent intermediary. I will note the speed of work and patient answers to my endless inquiries about the procedure of redemption, payment and delivery as a beginner.
Chern, 01 february 2013, 10:46
A huge human thanks!
Today received a long-awaited parcel, it was only 20 days.
The gift was in the sense of a gift! The gift was for the birthday - iPad 4.
Thank you, Lyudmila, for consultation and ransom. I advise everyone to buy only directly from the company!
Joy unusual, everything is in order!
Arthur, Orenburg, 01 february 2013, 05:51

Long thought and doubted, but still decided to make an order. Until then, I never ordered it myself abroad. And here I hasten to share. The parcel flew to Russia on January 17, 13. It was three weeks on the way. I think this is normal, because Got into the holidays. All things really liked. I am delighted. All fully matches the photos on the sites. Many thanks to Lyudmila for promptness in the processing of orders, as well as for help and responsiveness. I asked a lot of questions, of which none was ignored. Communicated in on-line mode. Of course I will continue to order. Waiting for the receipt of other parcels. Ludmila, thank you for your work

NATALIYA, 21 january 2013, 18:57
Today, 08.01.2013 (the time in the way of sending the 26 days is normal in connection with the holidays) received the first parcel from you, everything came and was pleasant, especially the Troeruses to the son. Many thanks. We think we will continue to work through you.
vasia, 08 january 2013, 15:44
Thank you for efficiency!
Yesterday I received the first package !!! Everything came in the best possible way.

Thank Lyudmila for efficiency! It was nice to work with you. And of course, thanks for the New Year's candy!

Congratulations on Christmas and Happy New Year !!!
Natalia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, 28 december 2012, 11:08
And again Hello everyone! I will not stop to find pleasant and truthful words for Lyudmila !!! Everything is just nude top level! Here we are waiting for the third parcel and again a huge help, selection, efficiency in the answers and just a human attitude, which is rare now! Happy New Year !!! Prosperity to your business! Tfu-Tfu-Tfu)))))))
ogonek85, 17 december 2012, 11:34
Has received the second parcel. Thank you very much Lyudmila, for your prompt work, it's a pleasure to work with you. All liked it.
Olesya, 28 april 2013, 16:18
Not the first month I work with Lyudmila. Very like. Operationally works, always goes to a meeting, answers all the questions. I ordered my daughter MONSTER HIGH for a birthday, very good quality came and is cheaper than ours. At first the doll was waiting, and Lyudmila suggested that she look at the doll in a store in Germany, but unfortunately this was not there. Thank you so much for your concern.
Ladnova2002, 26 april 2013, 10:07
I want to thank Lyudmila again for her work-THANKS)) I'm very lucky with you, now I order everything only from Germany, I'm looking for similar products, that I would work with you! )) Has received today the 8 or 9 parcel) with the humidifier vozhduha venta))
Natalya, 19 april 2013, 04:20
We cooperate very fruitfully. I feel competence in work, honesty, caring. Thank you.
vasia, 19 april 2013, 00:10
Hooray ! Parcel arrived !!!
I received my second parcel! Has reached for 2,5 weeks, but it most likely because of our holidays. I liked everything very much, everything was neatly packed. I want to thank Lyudmila for the efficiency and attitude to my orders! Thank you again ! I'll still order, wait for the week for new orders))
Diana, Kazakhstan. Pavlodar, 26 march 2013, 05:05
Thank you !!!
Dear, Lyudmila!
The long-awaited premise (by the way, it's far from the first) is received !!!!
Everything, as always, is wonderful!
I liked everything and everything came up!
Lyudmila, most likely I will not let you rest for a long time, again I will ask to make purchases.
If you, of course, do not mind?
Lyudmila, thank you very much, I'm very glad that I found you, thank you for the speed and friendly communication!
Special thanks, from children, for chocolate!
Many, many many thanks !!!!!
Tatiana, Russia, Novosibirsk, 26 march 2013, 03:30
Already more than once I made purchases with Interfamilyshop. Received 5 parcel. Everything is as always super. Waiting for the rest. I work with Lyudmila. I was lucky with her-responsible, decent, friendly. Always in touch, will prompt, help, answer a lot of questions, advise. I am very pleased! Luda, thank you very much for the excellent cooperation !!! I advise everyone.
NATALIYA, 25 march 2013, 18:35
I want to once again express my gratitude to Lyuda! Lyuda, you are such a fine fellow! You already know that ay lavas yu)) You are helping me out in my hard work)) I received the second parcel, everything is packed perfectly! Luda works perfectly, and the world post is bad)) Until new orders!
bykovka, 24 march 2013, 09:33
So I finally waited for my next, insanely long-awaited package !! Everyone came by one in a crowd because of our praznikov! But they came all the same !!! Very worried about them, but Lyudmila, as a person with experience - constantly cheered_ "Everything will come, it's always such a delay in January))))))" For this you are very grateful !!!! So that's not all! How constantly our ransoms pass is another huge gratitude - for instant ransoms, for SO much patience and for everything done for almost a year of working with you !!! I already wrote in all my reviews and once again I'll tell you - Lyudmilochka - I AM YOUR IMPORTANT !!!)))) We will conquer further new horizons)))) One more order you already have ...)))) Continuemmmm)))
ogonek85, 19 march 2013, 13:16
Package 5, everything okay. You're doing fine, that you know how to work like this. It's easy with you. Thank you very much for your attention and understanding. WAIT FOR THE NEXT POST!
vasia, 19 march 2013, 12:39
Hello! Yesterday we received the first parcel, it was a long time, apparently, the mail still marks the new year)) Unlike mail, Luda works sooo fast, buys out promptly at any time of the day, parcels packs and sends without delay! Always consult and just chat)) It's nice to work with you, Lyuda! Yes, and the conditions are just class! Long and fruitful cooperation with you!))
bykovka, 06 march 2013, 07:54
I want to express my gratitude to all workers, especially Lyudmila, for their work and individual approach to my problem. I have long dreamed of buying soft furniture from the Heine catalog, since I could not find it in Russia. I called Otto, found out, but there are very large prices for transportation of furniture, it turned out that the price of delivery exceeds the price of furniture itself by half. Tried to buy through other online stores, but alas, I did not succeed. And finally my expectations were met, the furniture is in my apartment !!!. Lyudmila, you made my dream come true !!! Thank you very much! My plans for this do not end, I still have many ideas for refitting my apartment. I really hope for our further cooperation !!!! All my friends and acquaintances will be advised to work only with you.
Olga, Berdsk, Russia, 04 march 2013, 01:23
I want to express my admiration and admiration for Lyudmila's professional work. I received my fourth parcel and, as always, everything is well and neatly packed. About the method of ordering and talking is not worth it, above all praise - conveniently, quickly, graphically! I like that almost always online and quickly answers all questions of interest. In general, I am satisfied with the communication, I am satisfied with the attitude, I am satisfied with the packaging of the "product" and this says it all. My fifth parcel is already on the way. I'm looking forward to it. Ludmila thank you so much, keep it up, well done. Of course I will continue to cooperate with Interfamilyshop.
NATALIYA, 02 march 2013, 13:59
Lyudmilochka! My dear Lyudmilochka - differently and I will not speak! I do not even know why I'm so lucky to find you and work with you for 7 months already! I already receive the 16th and 17th parcels, and it seems that there is nothing to say - everything is said, but you do not cease to surprise me pleasantly! To work with you is just one pleasure - you are the most CARING AND HONEST MEDIATOR in the world !!!! Now really sooo hard to find someone like you! Everyone is always happy! There is no ressortment ever! Quality is always excellent! New sites for shopping are always offered, just do not pour coffee)))))))))))))))) Ludmilochka - TOTALLY YOU THE BEST! You are special in your business !!!!!
ogonek85, 10 may 2013, 15:20
Thank you !!!
Here comes another package from Lyudmila!
Got it very quickly)
Packed so carefully that no postal movements are not terrible)))
For this special thanks!
Everything is absolutely right, arranged in quality and size, it's thanks to detailed advice and advice from Lyudmila!
I am very glad that I met Lyudmila, benevolent communication and cooperation with her brings a lot of pleasure, as if this is a long-term friendship! Luda, thank you so much for answering endless questions!
All potential purchases instantly become real!
And see you soon!
, 15 may 2013, 00:57
I order Luda for a long time already, during this time, Luda just makes me happy, to cooperate with her is very pleasant. Thanks for your work!!!
yo-mila, 16 may 2013, 05:41
Lyudmila is not just an intermediary, really, as a friend !! It's always comfortable to work with her! It's really rare in intermediaries, although I can not even say that Lyudmila is the intermediary for me, much MORE! Thank you for everything!!! I can not wait for my next parcel, I want to try it on!
yo-mila, 17 may 2013, 07:40
Super-suitcases !!!
Today I received the parcel. On the way, the parcel was 2 weeks. Since June 5, we leave with my family on vacation, so I am very glad that we will go with new suitcases! Thank Lyudmila for the proposed site with a huge selection of suitcases of good quality and shocking prices. In Moscow, I would have paid three times as much. Success and prosperity to your company!
Marina L., Moscow, Russia, 25 may 2013, 12:59
I'm not risky to be original))), but I again with great gratitude to Lyudmila!
The parcel came quickly, in an absolutely whole package, which is not surprising, but rather natural, since Lyudmila always has a special attention
Gives careful packaging, for which I am very grateful to her!
All that I expected in this parcel is 100% consistent with my expectation! Luda, thanks for the advice when shopping!
And, of course, it's always very touching to find in the box a sweet surprise!
Ludmila, thank you !!!
We will write off in the near future!
Tatiana, Russia, Novosibirsk, 27 may 2013, 12:11
Has received the next parcel, all as usual, at the highest level !!! Thank you to Ludmila for your patience and understanding !!! I wish you prosperity !!! I now only with you))) !!!
Ole4ka, 29 may 2013, 20:38
Already for half a year I work with Lyudmila! Again and again I express my gratitude for the work. This week received another 2 parcels. Everything is as always very good. Everything is neatly packed. Time on the way to Vladimir one of the parcels is 36 days, and the other 33 days, including the May holidays and the slow work of the Russian Post. Things are the same as in the photo on the sites. There was no re-sorting. I am very pleased. I really enjoy working with Lyudmila! Thank you very much for your understanding and responsiveness !!! Waiting for the following parcels
NATALIYA, 28 may 2013, 18:36
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Lyudmila for help in sending a very necessary device for my daughter, as well as for other orders that arrived on time, at their best. Thank you for your patience, sympathy and understanding. I am very glad to meet you.
irishka, 29 june 2013, 12:48
Has received already more than 20 parcels. Everything is neatly folded, all the articles are as ordered. It's very nice to receive candies that are enclosed in the parcel, I give them to customers with children. Everyone is very happy. Many thanks for the prompt work. Good luck to you!!!
Ladnova2002, 14 june 2013, 04:52
Luda, thank you for your work! You're done, you can only wish such an assistant-intermediary)))
Elena, Russia, Chelyabinsk, 09 july 2013, 05:57
I received the eleventh parcel! Time to go to the city of Vladimir was 12 days !!! Everything is packed very neatly as always, the items are as ordered. In a word, everything is wonderful!
Luda, thank you very much for the great work you are doing for us.
NATALIYA, 16 july 2013, 18:38
I received the next two parcels from Lyudmila!
Everything is as always wonderful!
All received absolutely corresponds to expectations - both in quality and size, thanks to Lyudmila's wise advice)))
A bicycle for my little daughter, it's just a fairy tale, it's so wonderful, so beautiful and reliable!
With his choice, of course, take into account the recommendations of Lyudmila))
Always when you receive a parcel from Lyudmila sensation that you receive a parcel of a relative who lives abroad)))
Packaging is reliable! Candy is delicious! I really like it !!!!
mamakot, 13 july 2013, 05:33
I receive parcels from Luda regularly (already lost counting), parcels are always perfectly and quickly packed, valuable things are safely hidden!)))) OOOOchen nice to work with Luda: online 24 hours a day, buys orders at any time, goes to the meeting and always Will enter into a difficult situation of the client))) Thanks, PEOPLE! (The other members of your team do not know, so I'm only addressing you)))
bykovka, 29 july 2013, 11:38
I received my first post, everything is super!
Thank you very much Lyudmila, answered all my "one hundred" questions, very attentive and sympathetic person, I will work in the future!
Kseniya Dosaieva, 02 august 2013, 19:18
The work of Lyudmila and her colleagues is just wonderful !!! Has already received several parcels and more parcels in transit. All very quickly, quickly, there are no complaints. I found a lot of new stores, about which I did not even hear. Pleases work without commission, fast delivery from stores, attitude to customers: always answer, find, call. Thank you very much, keep up and make progress!
Irina, Russia, Perm, 17 august 2013, 15:34
Lyudmila! I would like to thank you for your responsiveness, efficiency, individual approach to us, your customers. Today I received the first parcel, everything is neat, securely packed. Thank you. I really hope for further cooperation and I recommend this mediator to anyone who still doubts.
Nadezhda, Kazakhstan, 05 september 2013, 13:38
I have already received several of my parcels ... Lyudmila, I want to express my great gratitude to you and your team for the work that has always been done successfully. For operational redemption, for quality packaging and rapid sending of parcels, as well as pleasant sweet surprises in boxes)))
It's very pleasant to work with you.
Nadezhda, 07 september 2013, 04:37
My gratitude to this little man is just limitless !!!!!! How much we have experienced already during this time (more than a year we cooperate with Lyudmila non stop)! How many swift, instant ransoms needed to be held ... and Lyudmila is always there, she is like an ambulance - always here! It's just such a GOLD mediator that you can just dream about! We are waiting for 44 and 45 our huge parcels and as always in the warmth of waiting! A little pleasant surprises ... it's soooo terribly nice !!!!!!!!!!! My words about this man are not exaggerated by any gram! You do not think, dear customers, I just like you stumbled upon Lyudmila, trusted and did not regret a second! Ask, order - you will always be helped and will be answered !!! You will never be abandoned, even in a situation not dependent on Lyudmila !!! Prosper and please us, and we you!
ogonek85, 14 september 2013, 01:29
I had the imprudence to contact the unscrupulous intermediary, but as they say, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped! Very worried. I began to look for another intermediary, I found Lyudmila, which is MADLY happy! Luda very competently helped to get out of this situation! Thanks to her, all the parcels from that intermediary in their integrity and safety came to me. I see a lot of kind words addressed to Lyudmila, I join everyone! I am also very pleased with everyone, I'm waiting for the second parcel. As not one I could notice, the service at the highest level (and I have something to compare), efficiency, quality, accuracy 5 points! Ludmila is a reliable person who can be trusted. I recommend it to my friends, and I myself will not change it as anyone)) Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!
Maybe someone is interested, the first premise to Vladivostok reached 25 days, we'll see how the second gets, but it basically depends on our mail))
Fraga, 30 september 2013, 05:59
I wanted to thank Lyuda once again, very big umnichka! Things always correspond to the size and color, if something of the wrong size or color has come, always informs, for this many thanks. The parcel as always pleased, we with Baby just love to receive parcels, disassemble, try on, and still so nice these little sweet surprises, their son just adores! For me shopping with Luda is better than shopping. Saving time and money.
yo-mila, 15 october 2013, 05:35
Once again I thank Lyudmila for her hard work. Has received the 15th parcel and is always satisfied. I like to work with such a conscientious intermediary. Always in touch, will answer any questions of interest. Convenient form of calculation. Very neat and reliable packing of parcels. Everything comes in one piece. In general, everything is fine. 5 points. THANK YOU!!!
NATALIYA, 21 october 2013, 17:40
Thank you very much for your work !!! I received the first package (two more on the way). In the city of Krasnoyarsk the parcel reached exactly one month. Everything is clearly, debugged, orders are processed promptly, there are no delays ... and packing of the parcel pleased us !!! I ordered chocolate eggs for children, thought the broken ones would come ... ALL !!! - it could not but please !!! :) ... In general it's very pleasant to work with you and to communicate, I look forward to a long-term perspective of cooperation and friendship ... and of course I look forward to the remaining parcels :) ... THANK YOU !!!! Good luck !!!!!
LemezhisKatya, 23 november 2013, 11:48
Lyudmila, thank you very much. Boots from France delivered in 12 days !! Worked at a high level. Thanks again.
Vasily, Oktyabrsky, Bashkiria, 30 october 2013, 15:34
And again many thanks !!! I received a parcel containing sweets. I was very worried that they would arrive in an inadequate form, but thanks to the fact that the package is reliable all is well. Not a single box has been wrinkled. Luda - you are a very good intermediary. I like to cooperate with you.
NATALIYA, 23 november 2013, 12:15
Ludmila, thank you very much !!!
The parcel has come, it's packed great. Thanks for the sweet surprises !!!
Natalia, Russia. Tracking Number: 015475006581, 24 november 2013, 02:53
Hello everybody! I want from all our shopaholics))) to thank our most reliable and simply human mediator !!! I have not met such people for a very long time! Lyudmilochka, I already spoke to you in private messages and I will write here - I am so grateful to you for your patience with us !, for your hard work and irreproachable work !, for your support !, advice !, for everything !!! I try and will go to the level of work that you require! I promise! And now a little bit about the work of this little man! We are waiting for the 76th parcel and I can not say a single word of complaints! All possible measures of protection from our COUNTRY Ludmila makes forward my thoughts! What I will not say ... I hear the answer to everything - has already been done, already ordered, already done! Lyudmilochka! Prosper! !!! because you deserve it like no other! With love and huge gratitude your SIBERIA !!!
ogonek85, 26 november 2013, 14:46
Has received its second premise, to say it's content, it's nothing to say))) My gratitude is boundless! Everything is the same as for the first time, very carefully packed, the dimensions are excellent, the complete set is complete, I'm surprised how Lyudochka remembers everything. It is immediately evident that the person is responsible and, judging by the reviews, he treats every client with care. Very pleased to read other grateful reviews, because Lyudmila deserved it. I want to apologize that I have not found the time to write a review at once, I confess I'm ashamed, because as Lyudmila always finds time for me and for my miserly orders)) I do not even know from such a client as me, it's probably not enough sense. . . Once again THANKS Lyudmila!
Fraga, 27 november 2013, 07:59
Lyudmila, thank you very much for the package!
Came surprisingly quickly, literally in two weeks, I did not expect such agility from the mail on the eve of the New Year)))
Everything is all right, everything was pleasant and justified!
Special thanks to my husband for careful packaging!)))
Enormous delight always evokes gifts from Lyudmila in children! Yes, honestly, and in adults)))
I am with Lyudmila, if not mistaken, for two years, more than satisfied with our relations, felt for thousands of miles that Lyudmila loves her work, doing everything at the highest level!
Happy New Year!
Best wishes for you!
Thank you so much for your work!
See you.
Tatiana, Novosibirsk, 18 december 2013, 05:51
I've been working with Lyudmila for more than a year, how many parcels have been drawn up already and do not think about ... about 20 pieces probably. Therefore, 20 times I will say thank you, especially for patience and spent nerves, for prompt ransom and finding solutions to all situations. I take this opportunity to congratulate the whole team on the upcoming holidays, good luck and prosperity.
Chern, 20 december 2013, 12:47
Lyudmila is a very sympathetic and decent person. I already received 22 parcels with it. Everything is perfectly packed and it's safe and sound. In terms of the time to Vladimir, everything flew in an average of 12 days. I constantly have a bunch of questions and everything I get an immediate answer. It works clearly, quickly, accurately. I am very pleased with this intermediary. Happy New Year! Thank you!!!
NATALIYA, 21 december 2013, 18:17
Thank you very much for the quality work.
Very quickly responded to a request to order a leather jacket in the online store HUGO BOOS.
They helped with the choice of a bracelet.
Aneli111, 25 december 2013, 14:33
Many thanks for the package.
Very high-quality and efficient work.
The husband was very pleased with the jacket from the online store HUGO BOSS.
Thank you for helping me decide on the choice of bracelet.
All the time were on contact (Skype and mail).
If I decide to order something else, it's only through you.
Aneli111, 25 december 2013, 14:36
Here everything is honest
Lyudmila Good afternoon!
I received the parcel. All has reached at its best.
The parcel came in 2 weeks.
Thank you very much.
I recommend to everyone. Lyudmila is an honest, decent person.
I myself doubted at first - to transfer money or not ..., still took a chance and did not regret it!
Ludmila - Good luck to you and many customers. (By all means I'll address you again)
Nikolay, Vologda, Russia. Tracking Number: CL434092951DE , 28 january 2014, 08:31
Thank you!
I would like to thank Lyudmila for the package. I made an order for the first time and now I'm sure it's not the last one. Firstly, the conditions and tariffs are the best. Secondly, everything is very prompt. Lyudmila is very attentive, always in touch, will answer all questions, quickly buys orders. The package arrived in less than 2 weeks. Everything is quality packed, even a small present inside, nice) I wish you further prosperity and more orders. Address to Lyudmila, do not even doubt !!!
Julia, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. Tracking Number: 015475010160 , 31 january 2014, 18:09
Thank you very much to Lyudmila!
I received my second parcel, all in the best possible form. To work with Lyudmila is a pleasure, she will always answer, help and prompt, she is very grateful, I will address again!)
Kseniya Dosaieva, 13 february 2014, 19:49
One of these days our next parcel has come. I got it in 14 days, which I was very surprised. Thank you very much, Lyudmila, for helping us in acquiring the pump, you helped me so. Thank you for your kindness and kindness. I wish you good luck and further prosperity !!!
Irishka, Владикавказ , 22 february 2014, 11:36
Have received the second parcel! The first came not very well ... .a second excellent! We liked everything, we are delighted! Thank you!!!!! We work further ...
trap81, 01 march 2014, 16:59
Excellent work
Many thanks to Lyudmila for a clear and prompt execution of the order. I did not even expect the parcel to come so quickly. I will order more.
Leonora, Moscow, 03 march 2014, 12:18
Goods delivery
Lyudmila, hello! I received the parcel, everything is fine. Excellent service - everything is very convenient. Thank you very much. Happy holiday to you !!!
Andrey, Almaty, 08 march 2014, 04:41
I want to say a big thank you to Lyudmila. There were many experiences come or will not come. How will this work. Weighed all the pros and cons still decided to make an order and transfer money for the order. Everything worked 100 percent. I ordered it in stores, I formed an order and sent it. Here's more, our mail and customs would be more successful - so generally there would be a class. And Lyudmila can only say HUGE thanks and good luck in her business.
vadimka2, 10 march 2014, 05:15
Received everything!
Many thanks to Lyudmila for her help, received the parcel! Everything went as well as possible - from my efforts only transfer money and hike to my post office)) Now I know who to contact if I want to buy something in Germany again)
It was a pleasure to work !!
Galina, Russia. Tracking Number: CL440443776DE , 26 march 2014, 05:50
The second parcel came! Suuuper! As always German quality is excellent! I liked the things kik24! Luda, thanks !!
trap81, 27 march 2014, 12:52
Has received the next parcel. Was only 2 weeks. I am very satisfied with Lyudmila's work, many thanks. Always ready to help and go to a meeting, so that we, the customers were happy!
Ladnova2002, 02 april 2014, 19:06
I receive regular parcels from Lyudmila! Only positive feedback on the activities of the whole team Interfemelishop! Many thanks for responsible and excellent work !!!
LemezhisKatya1, 03 april 2014, 00:49
Hello! I want to say many thanks to Lyudmila for HELP! HAS GOT THANKS LUDMILE ALREADY 2 POST SHAPES! The parcels were well and neatly packed, everything was folded and wrapped! Lyudmila quickly answered my questions and experiences, I'll definitely order more - once again many thanks for everything!
Alina, 03 april 2014, 10:56
I would like to thank the staff of Interfamilyshop for their attentive and caring attitude to their customers. For the quality of services. The number of parcels received with the help of this company, great))) all as one, were securely packed, everything always comes in perfect order. Answers to the questions - instantly, people are ALWAYS in touch !!! Working with you is not just profitable, but also very nice! Prosperity to you, prosperity and many new customers!
nadezhda55, 10 april 2014, 13:15
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