Products from Western European online stores
0% commission for purchases from Germany’s online stores

How to order

Inter Family Shop?
Open the “Stores” tab
In the “Stores” tab choose a store that you are interested in and slick “Open”
(for easy browsing you can utilize the Shopping Filters and search by category of items or store names)
The store page will list the cost of shipping within Germany and commission fee, if any applies. To select specific items in the store, click “Visit Store”
(for easy browsing you can utilize the Shopping Filters and search by category of items or store names)
After selecting wanted items, return to the InterFamilyShop website and click on “Order”
(You can click the “Order” button from any of the store pages)
You will be sent to the order section of My Account page, where you can fill in all the necessary fields. Here you can enter all of the items from any of the stores.
(If you are not yet registered on our site, please register by clicking “Log-in/Registration” button and then simply click “New Order” to start shopping)
After you are done adding all the items to the order form, you need to save your order. It will appear in your My Account page with an assigned number. When your order is complete, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

How to pay for your order with

Inter Family Shop?
Using a pre-paid balance:
After you save your order, you will be directed to the payment page. If you want to pre-pay for the order, the system will offer for you to refill your balance. Click on “Refill Balance”. You can refill your balance using the accepted payment methods. Here you pay for the order excluding the delivery fee in Germany. You will pay for the delivery fee after you receive the invoice for payment. Once your balance is filled, you can make a note about the amount sent in your My Account page.
Using an invoice:
If you wish to pay for your order after receiving an invoice, click “Cancel”. You will receive a payment invoice shorty after that will list item costs, delivery fees in Germany, commission fees if any apply. After you receive the invoice, follow the same steps as in “using pre-paid balance”.
Terms and Conditions

This agreement regulates the relationship between the “Sitera Hotel Innovation GmbH” company (“agent”) and any person who has reached 18 years of age (“customer”).

General Terms

  1. The agent provides intermediary services (“services”) for purchasing the merchandize from the online stores in Germany and other countries of the European Union (EU), following the terms of service presented here.